Water Quality & Saving


  • Flow regulators and other water saving devices reduce water consumption.
  • The towels and bed linen are changed upon our guests' request.
  • Treated waste water is used for the irrigation of the garden.
  • An automatic irrigation system with timing devices delivers water to plants below soil level.
  • On a regular basis pool, sea, treated waste & drinking water is analyzed in a certified laboratory.
  • We will gradually replace high flush toilets with two flush option toilets (low and medium flush).
  • Cleaning agents and other chemical substances are chosen according environmental friendly standards and correct use and safe disposal is ensured.
  • In the kitchens, fat is collected separate.

Energy Saving


  • Energy efficient lighting is installed in all the external areas of the hotel and at least 60% of the internal areas.
  • Solar power is responsible for heating 80% of the water during the summer months.
  • Automatic devices are present in all the guest rooms to switch off the air-conditioning when windows/doors are opened.
  • When the room is vacated, a key card system switches off the electricity (refrigerators are excluded).
  • Regular maintenance checks are being carried out to timely detect leaks and faults.
  • Hot water pipe insulation and mix-taps ensure that water is delivered at the required temperatures.

Waste Management


Liquid waste:

  • All the liquid waste is treated in the hotel's private waste water treatment plant.

Solid Waste management by Reduce/Reuse:

  • Returnable glass bottles for water & soft drinks.
  • Returnable glass bottles and barrels for beer./li>
  • Discontinuation of the use of aluminium drink cans as well as plastic cocktail accessories in all the F&B departments.
  • Bulk purchasing of products - gradual reduction of single use packaging (e.g. breakfast, food, plastic utensils, etc.).
  • Fresh fruit and vegetables are bought in returnable crates or sacks.
  • Disposable plastic glasses, cups & plates have been replaced with reusable polycarbonate ones.
  • Concentrated cleaning agents in recyclable containers of less plastic and recycled paper.
  • Gradual removal of plastic refuse bags of all bedroom bins.

Solid Waste minimization by Recycling:

  • Electronic/electrical equipment and energy saving bulbs recycling in cooperation with local municipality.
  • Used cooking oils are being recycled in cooperation with a certified local company.
  • Toner and cartridges are being recycled in cooperation with a certified local company.
  • Small and large size batteries as well as tires and lubricants recycled in cooperation with the corresponding national collectible management system.
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