Environmental Responsibility


Environmental Responsibility

Our efforts for holidays with a reduced environmental footprint

The world we live in is marked by abundance and overconsumption. But this puts considerable pressure on natural resources and the climate. Based on our values and philosophy, we work towards offering a genuine luxury product; with exclusive services characterized by quality, individuality, innovation and respect for people and the planet.

Protection of Biodiversity

Habitat destruction, the uncontrolled use of synthetic chemicals in agriculture, and overfishing are some of the main factors leading to biodiversity loss. At Neptune, we undertake a range of actions to reduce our respective impact, with the most important being our hotel’s surroundings’ landscaping based on the principles of sustainability.


Responsible Supplies

One of the basic operating principles of Neptune is to offer quality products, which are responsibly selected in relation to their impact on the environment and on human health, with respect to our employees, but also in terms of the support these offer to local entrepreneurship.


Our Environmental Footprint at a glance

Our main Environmental applications and performance in short

Hotel Environmental Map

Take a tour around our hotel’s premises for more information on our key environmental protection measures

Results at a Glance

The results of our effort since 2015, in regards to energy, water, waste, and pollution management, affected by unforeseen challenges and upgrades of our hotel.

Recycling Hero

We invest in the recycling of hazardous and non-hazardous waste, contributing to reducing pollution, saving raw materials, and supporting new jobs.