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Beauty Therapies

Beauty that gets under your skin

Holidays and beauty have forever been intertwined – think tanned, lean bodies, radiant smiles and a youthful joie de vivre. And while spending time in Kos certainly helps one get a natural sun-kissed glow, it also helps to have an extra “secret” weapon at hand.

Introducing advanced technologies, results-driven therapies and the world’s leading beauty brands including Elemis and Fuhlendorf, our sleek, modern Spa is just the place to retreat and relax as you revive and rejuvenate at the hands of the island’s most skilled therapists and aestheticians. The concept is top-to-toe, with a view that beauty can be achieved from the inside out. Each client is treated wholly from the start, starting with a consultation to determine exactly what their skin needs. There is no one size fits all treatment – every bespoke course of complementary treatments is designed for the individual’s needs and skin conditions. Loving the skin you’re in is easy after a visit to our Kos Spa – the results truly speak for themselves.