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Journey Through Time: The History of Neptune Luxury Resort

Step into our time machine and explore the rich history of Neptune Luxury Resort.

From its modest origins to its metamorphosis into a luxurious destination, take a trip down memory lane and revisit the moments that have made Neptune so iconic.

Discover the significant milestones and the renovations that have shaped our present. See how our unwavering commitment to excellence has remained steadfast throughout the years, as we continue to evolve and grow.

And, of course, get ready to make some unforgettable memories of your own.

Foundation of Neptun Beach

In 1989, the Greek owners of Neptun Beach laid the foundation stone for their resort. The next year, on May 8th, they opened their doors to guests, with a main building and 11 bungalows comprising the original accommodations, totaling 235 rooms.

Neptun Beach changes ownership

In 1992, hobby pilot Wolfgang Paulus and his wife embarked on a tour of the picturesque Dodecanese Islands, and stumbled upon Neptun Beach Hotel. They were immediately enamored with the charm and allure of the property, and decided to become co-owners. Wolfgang Paulus, took charge of the first renovation phase in the winter of 1992, injecting fresh life and energy into the hotel.

Expansion of Neptun Beach

As early as 1993, the second part of today’s Neptune Luxury Resort, Neptun Village, was built. This expansion was completed in just six months and added several new amenities, including ten bungalows, a supermarket, a tavern, and another reception area. The two hotel complexes, Neptun Beach and Neptun Village, were separated by a field.

Unification of Neptune Hotels

Over the years, the two hotels continued to evolve through various construction phases and strategic land purchases, including a field that connected the two independent resorts. In 1997, the two resorts officially merged under the common name Neptune Hotels, marking a significant milestone in the resort’s history.

New Generation at Neptune

In 2003, for the first time, one of Wolfgang Paulus’ children, the business graduate Nina Paulus, took on a project at the Neptune Luxury Resort. She was in charge of the new construction and design of the Neptune Spa. Her successful completion of the project paved the way for other siblings to take on important roles within the resort, including Wotan Paulus, who joined the team and contributed to the hotel’s continued growth and success.

Unveiling of Mythological Sculpture Path

The year 2005 marked a significant milestone for Neptune Hotels, as the resort unveiled its mythological sculpture path. Located between the Neptune Spa and the Shopping Arcade, this pathway featured nine magnificent sculptures of Greek mythology, created by the renowned German artist Peter Müller. The sculptures quickly became a beloved feature of the resort.

Neptune's Sustainability Commitment

2013 marked the beginning of Neptune’s commitment to sustainability with the implementation of the Travelife Sustainable Management System. By adopting best practices, the Resort has successfully reduced its environmental footprint.

A New Era of Luxury and Sustainability

In 2015, a major renovation project was initiated at the hotel, covering the entire property. The first buildings, covering an area of 6,000 square meters, were renovated that same winter to create Deluxe Twin Rooms equipped with the latest technology and materials, while sustainability remained a top priority. The rest of the hotel was soon upgraded to match. The Troja Beach Bar was also overhauled, receiving a complete facelift, marking a significant milestone for the hotel.

Unmatched Luxury: Neptune's Newly Renovated Suites

In 2018, Neptune Hotels elevated the guest experience to even greater heights with the introduction of their newly renovated Luxury Suites and Luxury 2-Bedroom Suites. These elegant accommodations were created with a keen eye for design and meticulous attention to detail. The new decor is a perfect blend of modern luxury and Mediterranean charm, featuring plush furnishings, elegant lighting, and stunning views of the Aegean Sea.

Early 2019
Full renovation of the Kids Club

During the winter of 2018-2019, the Kids Club at the hotel underwent a delightful transformation into a wonderland designed to enchant families and their little ones. The indoor area was expanded to provide more space for kids to play and explore, while the outdoor playground and mini water park were enhanced to create a safe and engaging environment for children to enjoy. The newly rebranded Neppi Land is poised to become a favorite among kids, and the lovable new mascot, Neppi, has already won the hearts of the little ones who visit the Kids Club.

Mid 2019
Providing new living spaces for our valued team

In August 2019, Neptune Hotels opened the ‘Neptune Campus’ to accommodate its personnel. The unit, located 300 meters from Mastichari Village and its beach, was renovated to the level of a 4-star hotel and includes spacious rooms with A/C, TV, and high-speed Internet. In addition, staff has access to a recreation room with a 55” TV, vending machines, laundry facilities, and a fitness center. The campus reflects the company’s commitment to its employees’ well-being and their connection to customer satisfaction.

Continuing Wolfgang Paulus's Vision

In 2020, Neptune Luxury Resort faces a great loss with the passing of Wolfgang Paulus, but the family’s legacy lives on with Wotan Paulus taking over the reins of the resort. As a face behind the brand, Wotan brings a childhood of memories and an understanding of what makes Neptune so special.

Significant improvements take place at Neptune despite Covid-19

Even during the period where COVID-19 is ruling the world, new projects were created at Neptune. The dining options were further elevated with the new MEATing Grill House and the opening of Umami Asian Restaurant in 2021. Guests of the Resort were now able to enjoy Tex Mex on Kos and savor the exotic flavors of the Orient.

A Year of Upgrades and Indulgence at Neptune Hotels

In 2022, The resort proudly introduces the Executive Suites, the ultimate in modern elegance and indulgence. Odysseus Beach Bar and Sail & Surf Centre are renovated to offer guests the best possible beach experience. And, for those seeking a new challenge, the resort added the popular sport of padel. Additionally, new gazebos were built, adding to the charm and beauty of the resort.

Neptune Hotels Evolves into Neptune Luxury Resort

Throughout the years, 40% of Neptune’s cherished guests have returned time and time again to relive unforgettable moments and reunite with familiar faces. It is through their unwavering love and loyalty that the resort has expanded into a 15-hectare Mediterranean paradise nestled by the Aegean Sea. Recently, Neptune Hotels transformed into Neptune Luxury Resort, unveiling a new name, logo, and website. While modernizing, the Resort remains true to its timeless design, using natural materials and sustainable practices to preserve the essence of our cherished destination.

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