Social Responsibility


Social Responsibility

Our explicit commitment to a better world of holidays for our guests, our staff, the local community, and future generations

Our goal is to support the local economy while simultaneously promoting our island’s culture and traditions. We, moreover, strive to provide a healthy, safe, and fair environment for our staff and visitors. We also aim to promote their awakening, as well as the awakening of our partners, the locals, and other tourism industry members.

Community Support

No hotel can truly thrive in isolation from its surrounding community.

Blue Flag

By demonstrating our hotel's commitment to local businesses, products, workforce and culture, we strengthen the local economy, develop an experienced, skilled workforce, invest in our community's reputation for quality and thereby enhance the profile of our hotel.

Support at a Glance

  • Staff mainly from Kos and Greece
  • Collaborations with local suppliers
  • Use of quality local products and services
  • Promotion of local culture and tradition
  • Healthy and safe environment for our guests and staff
  • Informing and awakening of our partners, staff and guests
  • Sponsorships & donations

Our people

  • 370 permanent staff members and 19 outsourced associates
  • 98% of the staff are Greek & 60% of them come from Kos
  • 47% of our workforce is female & 53% male
  • Post-coronavirus, our staff’s turnover increased from 9% to 15%
  • Empowerment via training, offered to 65-70% of our employees annually
  • Annual anonymous management and work environment evaluation survey
  • 87% of the staff is satisfied & very satisfied

Our commitment to society

Caring for our guests

Food Safety & Hygiene

Implementation of a certified HACCP system in all catering departments, from ordering to food & beverages serving.

Health & Safety

Protecting the safety of our guests by conducting risk assessments, systematic water quality analyzes, and strict implementation of hygiene protocols.

Sustainable Operation Experiences

Active guest participation in events introducing Greek gastronomy, local products & producers, alongside with fun and recreation.