Enhancing biodiversity: Sustainable landscaping

Biodiversity Protection

Biodiversity Protection

Our gardens’ beauty begins with its soil’s health

The preservation of biodiversity is pivotal in ensuring that nature continues to flourish, thereby supporting the well-being of people and ultimately tourism. At Neptune, we actively take steps towards enhancing biodiversity by implementing sustainable landscape management practices to upgrade our hotel gardens. As a result, a variety of birds, beneficial insects and pollinators are now flooding the hotel’s surroundings – and our guests, their children and us can enjoy the regenerated landscape without any chemicals that are harmful to our health.


Improvement of the irrigation system and water consumption

Pesticides & fertilizers

Discontinuation of synthetic chemical pesticides & fertilizers


Enhancing the soil’s health

Bio protection & production

Management of insects, fungi, bacteria, and weeds based on biological plant protection & production

Endemic Plants

Planting of endemic plants for the regeneration of entire areas


Raising guests’ awareness about our actions