Responsible Supplies


Responsible Supplies

A hospitality portal where quality is linked to environmental & social responsibility!

Since 2019, our purchasing policy is defined by two binding Sustainable Procurement Statements in line with European and International Directives and Regulations. The first defines the specifications of the products that the hotel uses in the context of its operation; the second guides procurement in constructions, building renovations and equipment. Challenges such as the pandemic, and the energy and climate crisis, negatively affect the supply chain; however, we continue to strive for optimal results where possible.


Paper products and packaging from sustainable crops with lower pollution rates (EU Ecolabel/FSC labels)


Guest room’s linen with certification that guarantees that the product does not contain harmful pollutants or carcinogenic substances (OEKO-TEX standard label)

ECO label products

100% biodegradable cleaning products with plant-based ingredients from renewable sources, safe for users and customers (EU Ecolabel)

Organic products

Local and Greek organic products, such as wine, beer, olive oil, and honey (BIO-Hellas & DHO labels)

Rainforest Alliance

Coffee, cocoa, and chocolates from crops that foster the improvement of the rural populations’ livelihood conditions in the areas of production, as well as transparency in the supply chain (Rainforest Alliance/UTZ labels)

Wooden cutlery

Wooden cutlery from certified sustainable bamboo to replace the corresponding disposable plastics (FSC label)

100% Recyclable Plastic

Personal care products in large packaging from 100% recyclable plastic bottles and in packaging from recycled paper.

Circular Economy

We use returnable glass bottles for water (Zaros) and Greek beverages, such as beers and soft drinks (Circular Economy)

Used Cooking Oils

We collect used cooking oils for biofuel production (Circular Economy)