Swimming lessons after the proven Sharky Method & DJSA standards for adults and kids from 4 years old!

Our new co-operator, Sharky Swim School, works since more than 20 years with the proven and tested “sharky-method”, which promises to learn how to swim easily with fun and joy. A feeling of safeness and fun in the water guarantees fast success. Their Coaches are very well educated and certified and work on the guideline’s basis of the “German Swim Association”.

Sharky also offers the opportunity to take part in the examination for the “Seepferdchen” at the end of the course, which is the official examination to become an advanced beginner, before you can take the next step in becoming officially a swimmer by taking the bronze-examination.

The professional coaches are very experienced in coaching adults as well. The relaxed atmosphere on holidays makes learning a lot more comfortable and help to overcome any insecurities in the water quickly.

For advanced swimmers who want to improve their swimming techniques or to learn a new swimming style, they offer special courses to reach personal aims fast and effortlessly.

Mermaid swimming

Become a beautiful mermaid and learn the “dolphin” swim style. Mermaid Swimming is a great workout that helps to increase your health and agility.

Suitable for everyone that has achieve the DJSA Bronze Badge and has a shoe size of 33.

Fit n’ Crawl

Team up with the professional teacher to take your free-style swimming abilities to the next level with Sharky’s new swimming-stay fit program.

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For more information, you can find Silent Explorers Hellas at the kiosk near the "Residence" pool or visit their website: www.silentexplorers.info Telephone & WhatsApp number +30 6971633812

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